The House

Welcome to Omega House - coworking, coliving, community


Here, at Omega House, you’ll find more than just a place to stay - you’ll find an unique concept in Romania that holds under the same roof a hotel, a hostel, a specialty coffee shop and cafe, a coworking hub, a fully-equipped kitchen, a music room at your service and many more.

On top of that, we are and we build on what we love - a community! Our place is animated by young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, marketeers and creative people. But there’s one thing that united them - their personal improvement!

But how and where did everything begin? 6 friends, Bucharest’s pickup community, 2016. That was the time when we all realized that in order to leave a happy and successful life, one needs to develop himself. Then we started an NGO. 1 year and a half, over 100 seminars and workshops on different topics like nutrition, physical exercise, business, communication and relationships. And it was called Omega Men.


With a community growing on a fast pace, we have soon realized that we need a bigger place and a bigger conference room. That being added to the fact that we all are entrepreneurs or digital nomads, we run businesses in the hotel world and we love specialty coffee.

This is how we were born! And we keep growing each day.


What to expect when you arrive at Omega House?


When you open our white entrance door, you’ll be welcomed by fine jazz tunes and the smell of fresh grounded specialty coffee - coziness at its finest.

Are you hungry? A wide variety of organic products and homemade snacks will surely keep you happy!

Looking for a way to spend your extra-time? Our library has a selection of over 3000 titles. Personal development, fiction, history...come and find out what fits you better today. Anxious that we don’t speak English? We have prepared you a selection of dictionaries. We’ve put them on a cosy rug…’cause we really want to make you feel like home!

The Music Hub is our largest hall - a coworking during the day but an event place by night. It has its own interior terrace and direct access to the kitchen. Already thinking how are you going to spend your time at us?

We have also thought about you guys. The ones that like to work in a silent and cosy place. We also have a Quiet Hub. And a separate meeting room, a skype cabin and two areas where we love to hang in our spare time.

Curious what happened with the NGO? It’s still alive and running. We e


For accommodation purposes we have two separate areas, The Boutique Hotel and The Co-living.


The Boutique Hotel

Eight differently designed double rooms, each one with its own unique experience, private terrace, balcony or extra large bed.

We are really proud about The Green Room - a log bed, your own hammock and a wall covered in plants!


The Co-living

Has two shared rooms with six beds each, privacy curtains for each bed, best quality bed sheets and mattresses, private toilet with private shower for each room.

We are bringing the hostel experience to the next level, paying attention to every detail of design and comfort.


We organize social evenings, live music events, workshops and presentations.


This is what Omega House is all about and we welcome to come and meet us!