The House

The motor of a strong community is good communication, while the very heart of this community are each of its members. To us, every single one matters. Together we join our efforts to change visions, to grow and to encourage those around us to better themselves as well.

We are more inclined to innovation rather to principles and we value creativity more than conventions. However, the various events we host, the jazz we sing, the books we bring, the people we welcome, the things we offer and everything we do here at our House naturally respect our core values:

Correctness - all members are treated with equal fairness and consideration;

Collaboration – all members join their efforts to help one another in the success of their projects;

Communication – all members do their best to keep things simple and efficient.


Who we are: (Our identity)

“Omega” describes the final and improved stage of things, while “House” is our personal way of welcoming excellence in its every form.

We are the starting point for innovation in business.

We are the connecting place for professionals of all fields

We are hospitable guests for all who seek us

We are the silent break-out in the urban jungle

We are the final stage of a unique concept in Romania (and we are not just bragging about it).


We are pleased to meet you!


Who we address: (Our peers)

Omega House Community sums up people with an extraordinary will to grow – both personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, professionals in the most diverse fields and all creative minds that inspire us, you are all welcome to join us!


What we do: (Our Activity)


We make it possible for the right people to meet in the right place, and together they make extraordinary things happen.

We make good ideas and opportunities evolve from the incubator stage and we actively endorse their success.


How we do it: (Our Methods)

We guide ourselves by a simple motto that defines our core:

CO-working. CO-living. COmmuniting.


To be more specific, we focus our work around three activity paths that are meant to increase the winning chances of the projects that our members are housing.

CO-working incorporates the business incubator concept, with office spaces both for sociable creative and for individualist introverts. As a business environment, Omega House is much more than a hub, as we are constantly seeking to maximize the efficiency of the available resources, may they be material or intellectual.

CO-living is the concept that eliminates geographical barriers between our members. Regardless if you are digital nomads, local entrepreneurs with project-based work in Bucharest or simply wish to explore new opportunities and meet new, capable people, you are all welcome at our place. For that, we have established our two hotel areas and a hostel. We can accommodate up to …. People in our hotel rooms and the hostel can be home to larger groups of up to …. People.

COmmunitingis, probably, the most active and complex component of our work.

Innovation hods curiosity to its core, while innovative success is linked directly to the support of an open community. Omega House is the place where we attempt to grow this community, whose ambitious mission is to identify, encourage and inspire an ethical business environment regardless of the geographical barriers.

Whether you are interested in conferences and business workshops, wish to explore vocational activities, or join a networking brunch, Omega House is the place to be!

We are hosting various events on a weekly basis with the purpose of bringing the right people in the right place, at the right time, in the right scenario. To us, sky is no longer the limit, for the events space that we have designed literally molds itself on the needs of the organizers.