Looking for Quick-Witted people Looking for Quick-Witted people

Looking for Quick-Witted people

31 January 19:00

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What’s quick witted?

If you've got a knack for coming up with smart comments on the fly, you're quick-witted. The most quick-witted students in a class are often the first to raise their hands to answer the teacher's question (or to supply a sarcastic remark).

Anyone whose mind is sharp can be called quick-witted, especially if they've got a great sense of humor and are speedy with a comeback. Being quick-witted is helpful during a debate or when you're playing a game with a time limit. Quick-witted comes from wit, which doesn't just mean "sense of humor," but also "intelligence."

If you got a smile on your face while reading this lines, then you’re just the person we are looking for.

It’s a great pleasure to have found you. Now, let’s party, the smart way:

⁃ meet genuine people, socialize and have fun
⁃ learn about a unique concept in Romania that combines a co-working and co-living space and what value can it bring into your life
⁃ play a unique game where if you prove your problem solving abilities you will surely win prizes
⁃ get a unique perspective on the problem you are facing now (be it business or personal) from clever and creative individuals just like you

If the party got you interested and the game curious, regardless if you speak romanian or english, come on the 29th January and let’s celebrate creativity, inspiration, openness, courage, limitlessness, abundance and the positive impact a great community has.

The entrance is free and you we encourage you to bring likeminded friends and dear ones.

See you soon!