What makes Bucharest Interesting?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bucharest? Before I visited, I wasn’t too sure of what it would be like. Interesting wasn’t the first word that came to mind, but it’s definitely the one I use now. A mysterious city,  every now and then it might feel like you’ve walked into a wave of madness. And there’s just something about that madness that draws you in. Even though from time to time it seems as if the Romanian capital hides behind a veil of its own grit and history, there’s a sort of magic in that. Something else is happening here. 

A city that’s on the verge of a boom, you can’t help but feel the fire of its energy. Unique coffee shops are plenty, coworking centers and maker centers are on the rise, and some even call it the “new Berlin”. What else did I find interesting about Bucharest? I’ll share with you below.


Architecture in Bucharest

Bucharest tells a story through its architecture. When you first arrive, you’ll probably notice the mishmash of buildings placed all around, seemingly, without order. It might make no sense at first, but after some time, you’ll understand. You never know just what you’re going to find in between a seemingly infinite sea of grand Parisian-style boulevards and grey Brutalist architecture. It might be an ancient Byzantine church or an endless park filled with enchanting surprises. 


Hidden Gems in Bucharest

The real highlight here isn’t the Parliament or the Old Town, it’s the reward of finding hidden gems. Explore at your own pace, slowly but surely Bucharest unveils its true self with time. Hidden deep in its neighborhoods where abandoned homes taken back by nature thrive, a tea house appears.  From architectural treasures left behind to historical villas whose secrets could kill to old Soviet factories turned into bars or restaurants, it’s best to put your list to the side and let your feet guide you. You’ll soon see that getting lost will easily become one of your favorite things to do in this booming metropolis. 


Contrasts in Bucharest

A true city of contrasts. It’s the kind of place where it seems as if things just appear out of the blue. You’ll be met with plenty of traffic, yet you’ll stumble upon lots of green spaces. In the silence, it’s still vibrant. At times it makes sense, at times it just won’t. It’s ancient, it’s modern, it’s somewhere in between… all at the same time. It’s Paris, it’s east Europe, it’s Romania… all at the same time. Bucharest is here and it’s now and it’s an exciting time to come visit.


As you can see, it’s easy to daydream and lose yourself in decades past here. When you wake up, you’ll probably find yourself in one of its countless past lives. Only with eyes wide open, do you realize that Bucharest is really endless cities put together, yet, somehow, only uniquely itself.